Innovation in Hematology and Oncology

PPD’s commitment to hematology and oncology drug development can be seen through our clinical support of 28 approved hematology and oncology drugs in the past three years.

We understand the importance of getting effective therapies to market faster and our clients can count on PPD to be their partner in the journey to help hematology and oncology patients worldwide.

This experience ranges from small molecules to biologics and targeted agents. In addition to our global team of scientific, medical and strategic hematology/oncology experts, each project at PPD is assigned a key contact within project management to ensure all clients have a dedicated point of contact throughout their study.


White Papers

Challenges in Global Development of Genetically Modified Organisms Vector Immunotherapies

PPD offers insight on the impact of GMO regulations and how clients can better prepare for global development programs.

Importance of Feasibility Studies for Clinical Trials

Through properly conducted feasibility studies, PPD can reduce delays and minimize risks of oncology trials from poor enrollment.

  • Full Drug Lifecycle Development

    PPD offers clients a wide array of in-house capabilities across the full lifecycle of hematology and oncology drug development.

    Discover PPD's Full Phase Experience

  • Adaptive Trial Design

    PPD is able to provide the necessary foundations for successful execution of adaptive trial designs.

    Explore Innovative Study Designs

  • PPD Working Groups

    A unique team of PPD medical and operational experts with long-term and applicable industry experiences.

    Meet PPD Industry Experts

Hematology/Oncology Investigator Headcount

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