Andy Kinley, Ph.D

Andy Kinley

Director, Feasibility
Strategy, SIA
Global Project

Andy Kinley, Ph.D., is director of feasibility strategy within site intelligence and activation (SIA) for hematology/oncology in global project management. Dr. Kinley’s passion for immuno-oncology research is personal, with family and friends of all ages who have been diagnosed and treated for various cancers. His devotion to the field is fueled further by the consistent commitment he witnesses from patients, families, physicians and clients who are united by a common goal he shares—to contribute to a scientific-driven, evidence-based endeavor that leads to the development of safer, novel therapies that have the potential to change treatment paradigms and positively impact the lives of both patients and caregivers.


Understanding how cancer develops and evades the immune system is complex and varies by patient, so applying those insights in the clinic still looms large. As a feasibility strategist, Dr. Kinley addresses that challenge by driving the design and overseeing the execution and delivery of feasibility studies used to support proposal writing, clinical trial assessments and recommendations for appropriate country and site selection for hematology/oncology-focused studies.

Since joining the clinical research industry in 2004 and PPD in 2015, Dr. Kinley has designed, implemented, analyzed and reported on more than 80 global feasibility studies. Dr. Kinley has designed country and site selection strategies for more than 50 clinical trials. He has experience in understanding the clinical trial landscape with specific expertise in tyrosine kinase inhibitors, monoclonal antibodies, antibody drug conjugates, cancer stem cell inhibitors, immuno-oncology checkpoint inhibitors and therapeutic vaccines.


Dr. Kinley holds a Bachelor of Science in molecular biology from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, and a doctorate in microbiology with a concentration in cancer cell signaling pathways from the University of Virginia.

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