Therapeutic Expertise


Experience across a broad range of indications and an investigator network of more than 6,000 cardiologists.

Critical Care

We understand the unique nature of clinical studies in a critical care environment and ensure the quality of your development program.


Experience with dermatology trials ranging from small Phase I studies involving healthy volunteers to large, global, multicenter Phase III trials.

Endocrine and Metabolics

PPD’s endocrinology and metabolic clinical trial experience helps us to manage programs of any size and complexity around the world.


More than 800 clinical development professionals worldwide with experience in gastroenterology protocols.

Hematology & Oncology

Extensive knowledge of hematology and oncology research, vast capabilities and experience with feasibility studies and a large investigator network.


PPD’s immunology team is led by a board-certified rheumatologist and has experience in a variety of immunology areas.

Infectious Diseases

PPD has vast experience and expertise in infectious diseases studies, combined with a large investigator network and microbiology labs.


Expertise in nearly 40 psychiatric and neurological disorders, and clinically trained neuroscience teams led by scientists and clinicians with extensive neuroscience experience.


Expertise in ophthalmic research, experience with therapeutic-specific ophthalmic vendors and an international network of experienced investigative sites.

Rare Diseases

Our tailored programs are designed to assist clients in addressing all aspects of rare diseases.


Experience in conducting Phase I-IV respiratory clinical trials, ranging from a single protocol to full development across a broad range of respiratory indications.


PPD has extensive experience in planning and implementing Phase I-IV programs for urology studies in all major markets.

Vaccine Development

PPD has worked in vaccine development for more than 10 years, offering full-service capabilities.

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