Partnership Models

Flexible, Innovative and Customized Vaccine Development 

PPD® Laboratories’ vaccine sciences lab offers innovative and flexible partnership models for faster, smarter and more efficient laboratory services.

By closely aligning and customizing our lab services to meet specific client needs, we can deliver significantly more efficient and effective vaccine development laboratory services. 

Instead of the traditional team of PPD Laboratories and client expert specialists operating within a single lab discipline, a larger and more diverse group of expert scientists can be brought together to work across multiple lab disciplines. The end result is faster, more cost-efficient and effective vaccine development outcomes — objectives that benefit all.   

Engaging differently from the beginning

We recognize that we must be flexible, adaptable and inventive in structuring arrangements to fit client-specific needs. Each arrangement is unique, whether for a single lab assignment or for an assignment that involves several of our labs. We believe the best way to develop an arrangement with our clients, one that addresses their unique objectives and circumstances, is to collaborate very closely in constructing the right plan. This requires an interactive process from the very start with our two teams having open and ongoing communications and dialogue throughout the process. 

Our guiding principles

We have established a set of guiding principles for partnering with our clients for vaccine development lab services. 

Customize, collaborate and communicate

  • The efficiencies gained will come from customizing our efforts, working closely with our client teams and across lab teams, and communicating continually and accurately.

Design flexible partner arrangements

  • Each assignment will result in a custom arrangement, designed to meet collaboratively developed objectives and milestones.

Streamlined data management systems and accessibility

  • An expert data/information technology team is a vital part of our data management team, providing data platforms to meet each client’s data needs for capturing, sharing and communicating.

Uncompromising quality commitment

  • Smart science, tight process management and continuous quality control are the key drivers of success for our clients.

Distinguish ourselves with service

  • Our objective is to make PPD Laboratories your preferred partner to streamline vaccine development, clinical trials and regulatory approval.
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