Preclarus® Central Lab Database

The Preclarus central lab database provides
real-time data access to lab data and results.

Preclarus® includes a proprietary web-based enterprise and information management system for PPD® Laboratories’ central lab. Preclarus is at the heart of our central lab, providing integrated data to project teams in real time to inform decisions. In addition, thanks to the Preclarus central lab database, you will get the fastest, most accurate study setup in the industry.

PPD Laboratories’ teams use a variety of tools to manage site supplies, query status, lab analysis results, samples inventory, study enrollment trends and budget versus actual spend. These tools enable the PPD Laboratories project team to monitor study-wide central lab data in real time and ensure complete study oversight from beginning to end.

Preclarus Central Lab Database

For the central lab, Preclarus is more than just a database — it is an invaluable solution to maximize the time and resources of your study while ensuring its quality. Its benefits are unmatched:

  • Simplifies every process from study definition (a.k.a. database setup) to study closeout
  • Enables the PPD Laboratories team to spend more time on quality control while still achieving industry-leading setup and closeout timelines
  • Eliminates the need to merge and harmonize data
  • Enables project teams to monitor study-wide data in real time through dashboard tools
  • Improves quality and speeds decision-making by ensuring consistent management and enabling real-time reporting

At no time is the Preclarus central lab database more valuable than at the end of the trial when all of the data have been collected. Without Preclarus, datasets from individual lab locations must be standardized before they can be combined, an expensive and time-consuming task. With the Preclarus central lab database, data standardization and reconciliation happen automatically, eliminating the need to merge and harmonize data from different systems and saving hundreds of hours at the end of the trial.

Data Integration Without Preclarus Data Integration With Preclarus

In addition to real-time study data from PPD Laboratories’ central lab, combined clinical and laboratory data can be accessed by project teams through Preclarus. This powerhouse combination gives teams and clients transparent, real-time access to all clinical trial operations and patient data which can be viewed through interactive dashboards that provide insightful data visualizations.


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