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PPD offers one of the most comprehensive sets of laboratory services available in the industry.

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Every regulatory submission requires laboratory data. Generating high-quality, actionable data is what PPD® Laboratories is all about. With comprehensive lab services spanning bioanalytical, biomarkers, central lab, GMP and vaccine sciences, we can help you get the best data possible for each development phase.

At PPD Laboratories there are no cookie-cutter solutions. Every program is different and every project requires a well-thought-out solution to ensure success. When you work with us, you get access to highly regarded scientists, exceptional technologies, industry thought leaders and therapeutic experts.

In the past five years, our scientists have supported more than 2,100 clinical trials, completed more than 57,000 pharmaceutical development projects and worked with more than 7,600 different compounds. We put this collective experience to work every day, for every client to understand the individual needs of each program, to deliver high-quality data and to meet timelines and budget goals.

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Wide-Ranging Services

PPD offers one of the most comprehensive set of laboratory services available in the industry. We have deep experience across a broad range of rapidly growing areas of drug development. We engage with customers through a variety of commercial models including full-service, dedicated resource and functional service arrangements.

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