Functional Service Partnerships (FSP)

PPD® FSP Overview

Your outsourcing needs are not one-size-fits-all. Your functional service partnership (FSP) solution shouldn’t be either. PPD® FSP approaches functional outsourcing as a customizable solution that focuses on higher quality, more measurable outcomes and greater cost savings. PPD FSP tailors a solution to meet a variety of outsourcing needs. From traditional full-time equivalent (FTE) FSP models to units-based contracts and geographical-aligned outsourcing agreements, the PPD FSP team will develop a solution to align with your functional requirements.

Our dedicated business focuses on our full range of FSP services, including clinical monitoring, regulatory strategy and document preparation, data management, biostatistics/statistical programming, pharmacovigilance, site activation (site identification through site initiation) and medical writing.

Timothy King

Flex Your Outsourcing Model to Maximize Drug Development

Download the Contract Pharma article authored by Timothy King, executive director, FSP. In the article, Dr. King discusses the rationale, advantages and disadvantages behind strategically selecting the right outsourcing model.


Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance Support for Established Products

Increasing regulatory and pharmacovigilance (PVG) safety requirements offer a new and ever-changing landscape in our industry. PPD FSP offers the innovative experience biopharmaceutical companies need to accommodate these constant industry shifts. As your partner, PPD FSP will provide added value, such as increased flexibility, consistency and proven experience that reduce time and costs without compromising scientific data integrity and quality. Through a strong FSP relationship, we can help your company thrive despite the current peaks and troughs of pharmaceutical lifecycle management requirements. One such example is in providing PVG and regulatory management for your established products.

Clinical Monitoring

Your clinical trial is only as good as its monitoring. This critical layer of quality assurance helps maintain the integrity of your trial, the safety of its subjects, and the accuracy of your data. That’s why having an experienced FSP provider for your clinical monitoring — like PPD — is paramount for your study’s success. PPD FSP offers a customizable clinical solution that achieves higher quality and greater cost savings. With a dedicated team and a substantial pool of resources, PPD FSP can deliver clinical FSP services in any global location in which we offer full-service work. These services include clinical team leads, clinical research associates (CRA), central CRAs for remote monitoring and study assistants. Our clinical FSP services are applied to both traditional monitoring models with 100 percent source document verification (SDV) and risk-based monitoring.



PPD FSP delivers a robust, top quality biometrics offering that spans data management, electronic data capture (EDC) build and management, data analytics, medical writing, statistical programming, biostatistics, statistical consultancy, submission strategy and delivery, and data monitoring committee (DMC) support. This enables you to have a single CRO providing all your biometric FSP services. PPD FSP’s biometrics offering brings you the local control you need with global delivery. We tailor our services to meet your technology, process and portfolio needs, making us an extension of your internal workforce. This approach, combined with our culture of continuous improvement, delivers efficiencies and quality that drive down fixed costs and shorten timelines.

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