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Drug development is an extremely time intensive and costly process. Pinpointing the ideal sites and prepping them to enroll patients can be incredibly challenging. With that in mind, PPD has developed a novel approach to accessing sites and patients—a new approach grounded in clinical innovation that puts the focus on patients. By fine-tuning startup objectives, expanding resources and realigning our expertise and operations, we’ve created an industry-leading, integrated startup approach. This integrated approach allows PPD to focus completely on helping our clients meet aggressive enrollment goals and bend the cost and time curve of drug development.


Overview on PPD's innovative site and patient solutions

Strategic, Data-driven Feasibility

With skyrocketing development costs and expanding study timelines, determining the viability of a study is more crucial than ever. Traditional approaches of feasibility relied on site surveys and other unreliable methodology. Now PPD has shifted that ineffective paradigm to take advantage of analytics and external data sources to develop models that guide our innovative, strategic feasibility services. We're able to provide additional reliable information more quickly to guide site selection and recruitment planning, support protocol and trial optimization, and centralize country and site selection.

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PPD experts discuss data-driven feasibility

We merge data from patient, investigator and site perspectives to drive our recommendations. We use multiple data sources, including:

  • PPD investigator, laboratory and clinical trial data
  • De-identified patient data
  • Competitive historical trial data
  • Proprietary site network data
  • Electronic medical and health records (EMR/HER) and claims platforms

Accelerated Enrollment Solutions

PPD's focus on access to sites and patients is strengthened by our Accelerated Enrollment Solutions (AES) business. We help address patient and site enrollment challenges, two of the biggest challenges our customers face in clinical development. We offer enrollment solutions through Synexus, Acurian and Optimal Research. Available as individual services or integrated to provide cohesive and highly differentiated trial acceleration strategies, we are bringing a new standard to clinical trials that delivers more patients from fewer sites in less time.

AES provides the largest global dedicated site network and site management organization services, extending across 17 countries and more than 180 research sites with access to more than 100 million households.

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Our services replace or complement the traditional site selection model, focusing on maximizing patient delivery through highly accelerated and predictive centralized recruitment, having the ability to provide patient enrollment at better than two times the industry average. Our adaptable SynexusPlus allows us to provide customers with more patients per site, faster startup and a reduction in the number of sites or enrollment completion within a specific timeframe, all under a results-based single price per patient model. SynexusPlus may be combined with our core global clinical trial management services to create PatientAdvantage, a fully outsourced trial solution that offers patient enrollment and budget certainty, as well as speed and cost savings, through streamlined contracting terms, capitated budget constructs, fewer sites and reduced recruiting time.

Strategic Site Collaborations

Recognizing that identifying the right sites and preparing them to enroll patients are two additional challenges faced by our industry, PPD continuously expands our site network relationships. These relationships are a key component in accelerating quality research and the foundation to fully support patient enrollment and engagement. Our therapeutically aligned and constantly expanding strategic partnerships with global site networks, facilitate easy study setup and execution.

Our key site relationships include:

  • Synexus
  • Optimal Research
  • PPD's global Phase I site network
  • PPD® Select
  • PPD's early phase oncology network (EPON)
  • PPD's pediatric investigator network

Global Site Intelligence and Activation

Delays of any kind can have a negative impact on development, but few things are as critical as site activation when it comes to trial timelines and site relationships. PPD works to improve cycle times by harmonizing and planning startup activities across global study sites. Our best-in-class approach employs the sophisticated analytics of Preclarus®, our real-time data and analytics solution, to give operational teams cross-functional visibility to activate sites on time. Preclarus delivers analytics to manage site selection and study startup activities.

We’re able to streamline operational processes to optimize cycle times using a technology-enabled approach to site selection and activation. Enrollment rates further strengthen our approach. Our global site intelligence and activation services allow you to:

  • Streamline the site selection process with historical reference sets/analysis to inform future opportunities and strategies
  • Develop a statistically driven risk-prediction and escalation model that will accurately and reliably predict site activation and patient enrollment rates
  • Provide transparency and accountability of forecasts, as well as a mechanism to course correct when deviating from targets

Patient Centricity and Innovation

Because we believe patients are the heart of clinical research, we strive to bring their views into the study design process earlier. Engaging and empowering clinical research participants, study sites and their caregivers improve retention in studies and research outcomes. Technology provides an avenue for making trials more convenient for sites and patients, as well as more efficient our clients. But we’ve also integrated patient-centric capabilities to bring the trial closer to the patient.

Through ongoing partnerships and innovative pilots, PPD is developing new clinical trial models that encourage study participation and reduce research burdens on patients and sites. Based on the goals of each study, we explore and advance designs aimed at delivering products to market faster and more efficiently, with a focus on expanding decentralized trial capabilities and the use of mobile platforms.

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