Interactive Response Technology (IRT) Services

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals delivers the following suite of interactive response technology (IRT) services to clients:

  • Patient prescreening, screening and screen failure tracking with reason collection
  • Enrollment tracking including run-in drug dispensing
  • Visit tracking and supplies dispensing, including complex dispensing and titration
  • Study supply ordering based on standard or customized algorithms
  • Patient discontinuation/withdrawal tracking with reason collection, including projection of withdrawal/progression events
  • Emergency code break/unmasking for multiple roles with flexible notification
  • Patient diary data entry and compliance management with proven success for submission data with regulatory agency auditing

PPD’s IRT technology suite includes:

  • Standard database structure
  • Preconfigured common modules library
  • Standard and customizable graphical reports for current study status, trend detection and projection analysis
  • Interfaces that share all back-end coding and databases
  • Configuration of data only to implement prevalidated coding for standard supplies management algorithms, visit and dispensing schedules and various randomization methodologies
  • Custom code that can be connected to module configurations at any point for exact execution of desired functionality
  • Full validation of custom coding
  • Unlimited capacity
  • Availability of all lines and ports to any system user at any time
  • Automated integration with internal and external information sources

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IRT Systems

PPD’s IRT system reports can be incorporated with data from vendors and other PPD services to provide a single location to view key study information.

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