Adaptive and Intelligent Monitoring

Better, faster information collection and analysis are the foundations of enhanced clinical trial operations. Preclarus® real-time data solutions and dynamic analytics facilitate PPD’s adaptive and intelligent monitoring—a major shift to technology-driven monitoring practices that improves operational efficiency and data quality.

PPD’s clinical teams identify and detect anomalies in data through the dynamic analytic dashboards of Preclarus, view site health assessments and analyze key risk indicators (KRI) on a site level. A root cause analysis is done of these variances to prompt remote and on-site visits to enact changes at sites, ultimately mitigating risks before they arise. This adaptive approach to risk-based monitoring has changed the way clinical teams perform their jobs. For instance, CRAs no longer spend their time on-site pursuing and resolving a list of problems. Instead, time is utilized to work with study sites to assess processes and enact improvements to eliminate future errors.

Harnessing the expertise of our clinical personnel and the capabilities of our comprehensive data portfolio solution helps PPD reduce the frequency of on-site visits and the level of source data verification (SDV), while maintaining quality and close oversight of clinical trial sites. Preclarus enables PPD to take advantage of industry-leading people, technology and processes to provide effective and efficient adaptive monitoring solutions for clients.

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