Biosimilar Investigator Network

Biosimilars are “follow-on biologics,” products with properties similar to existing innovator biologics that are marketed after patent expiration. The development of biosimilars is on the rise as many innovator biologics, primarily monoclonal antibodies, approach patent expiration. Driven by the reduced cost of these life-changing medicines, market demand for biosimilars is expected to grow substantially, creating a unique opportunity for biosimilar clinical development.

The PPD Biosimilar Investigator Network is a growing community of investigators participating in biosimilars clinical trials worldwide. Join the network and realize these important benefits:

  • Opportunity to increase the number of patients involved in research
  • Greater clinical experience with biosimilar compounds
  • Potential increase in patient access to biologic medicines
  • Greater involvement in research while potentially reducing the cost of drug treatment when the originator or biosimilar is provided in a clinical trial
  • Opportunity to collaborate with other investigators conducting biosimilar trials
  • Updates on current developments in biosimilar product development
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