PPD Scientist Recognized for Contributions in Clinical Research

05 Mar. 2012


WILMINGTON, N.C., (March 5, 2012) - Spotlighting the quality of its clinical talent, Pharmaceutical Product Development, LLC (PPD) today announced that R&D Directions magazine has recognized a PPD scientist for his expertise in clinical research.

The magazine named Gabor Komaromy-Hiller, Ph.D., executive director, PPD global central laboratories, to its 2012 list of notable people in research and development.

"We heartily congratulate Gabor for this outstanding recognition of his expertise, teamwork and client-focused philosophy in clinical research," said Elena Logan, PPD senior vice president, global central laboratory services. "Gabor serves as a role model in delivering quality, innovation and value to support our clients' research initiatives."

PPD's global central laboratories are among the world's largest dedicated exclusively to clinical trials, with locations in Belgium, China, Singapore and the United States serving investigator sites in virtually every country where clinical research is performed.

Komaromy-Hiller and his colleagues recently delivered significant cost savings for a PPD client by developing a chromatography-based assay that measures 14 antidepressants in one analytical run, rather than employing traditional approaches using seven to 10 different analytical assays.

A native of Hungary, Komaromy-Hiller began his career as a pharmacist and earned a doctorate in analytical chemistry at the University of Idaho.

To reduce costs and increase testing efficiency, Komaromy-Hiller's initial clinical research focused on using liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry detection technology for traditional biomarkers, R&D Directions noted.

That research led to a U.S. patent for determination of dicarboxylic acids, important biomarkers in vitamin B12 deficiency and inherited metabolic diseases.

A passionate believer in the power of effective teamwork, Komaromy-Hiller promotes training, team development and continual improvement of systems and processes.

"An individual cannot make a difference alone," he said. "That's why a focus on systems and teamwork is absolutely paramount to success in clinical research."

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