Australia Celebrates 21 Years of Success

Home- and office-based colleagues gather to mark milestone year.

In Australian culture, 21 is considered a special age—representing becoming an adult—and is cause for a grand celebration.

So, when PPD recently celebrated its 21st year in Australia, the location's social committee threw a grand party for both office- and home-based colleagues alike, featuring cake, decorations, games and balloons.

PPD leaders sent their greetings from Wilmington headquarters, congratulating the Melbourne location and Australia-based employees on the company's growth and success in that region.

"Your commitment and dedication to PPD, during these 21 years is impressive and valued," said CEO and Chairman David Simmons. "I hope you take the time to acknowledge one another for doing your part to demonstrate PPD's Defining Principles in your everyday work. Being One PPD while having a strong will to win is critical as you get ready for another 21 years!"

Office-based staff began the celebratory day by arriving at work to find PPD 21st birthday cards on their desks. Home-based staff were surprised with similar cards in the mail, along with balloons, in the signature PPD color. Nearby remote employees traveled to the office for the merrymaking, some meeting their colleagues face-to-face for the first time. Home-based staff also participated in a cake-baking competition.

During the celebration, employees shared their shared personal stories of how PPD has helped support moving to Australia, and how PPD's work has delivered life-changing therapies for family members. They also discussed the opportunities for travel and experiencing different cultures PPD has offered, and what the company was like in its early days in Australia. Happy birthday to our colleagues in Australia!

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