Moving With PPD

Dominique van Hoesel challenges himself and his career by moving to Sofia, Bulgaria.

Dominique Career

Originally from the Netherlands, I moved to the PPD office in Sofia, Bulgaria, to take advantage of a new career opportunity and for an adventure in another country. I started working for PPD as a medical information associate in May 2017.The timing was perfect. If you’re a social person and enjoy nature, you should consider moving to Sofia!

As a medical information associate, I receive email or phone inquiries from clients and health care professionals. I respond to their questions using available data and information, or forward the inquiry to a specialist. The medical information associate role combines high-level customer service with medical and pharmaceutical knowledge. The role is both challenging and rewarding.

Challenging also describes moving to a country where you don’t know anyone or don’t know the alphabet! I am comfortable being by myself, but I consider myself lucky that my new colleagues were warm and welcoming right from the moment I walked in. Most of them have lived abroad and are familiar with the occasional struggles such a life throws at you. They have included me in sports activities, mountain hikes and going out, which has helped me settle into life in Sofia.

Working at PPD, I have been building an interesting and fulfilling career and a social life with colleagues, who I now consider my friends. Having coworkers who can share with me the best things Bulgaria has to offer, makes up for any difficulties I may have living away from my home country. This experience has been a major milestone in my life, which and I would do it over again if given the choice.

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