Biostatistics and Programming

We are passionate about being data and technically agile, and driving enhanced value for our clients and patients. Determined to improve patient health, we help PPD provide industry-leading statistical, programming and clinical pharmacology contributions through global delivery, consistent quality adherence and scientific insight. Through a procedural framework based on robust planning and specifications, we work to deliver the highest-quality deliverables — from planning clinical trials and development programs through knowing the results of a study and leading the regulatory submissions.


Clinical data focus and quality

All study results delivered must pass our high quality standards. We incorporate Six Sigma process optimizations to bend the time and cost curve as we plan, analyze, report and submit data. We ensure analysis quality and on-time delivery by using a computational platform that supports complete traceability, version control and speed. Integrity-based decisions drive the actions of every team member, from project study leads to executive management.

Excellence through synergy and superior learning

Sharing knowledge and ideas is a part of our DNA. You’ll have access to award-winning training and subject matter experts at all levels, internally and externally. Whatever our role, we immerse ourselves in the study objectives and the clinical trial data being collected. As a result, for example, programmers do not just write code; they interpret the data in the context of the study protocol and statistical analysis plan, leading to writing and reviewing programming specifications.

Client partnerships

Empowered by proven project leadership and planning capabilities, we earn and maintain our partners’ trust. Our biostatisticians, programmers and pharmacokineticists know what it takes to help bring new therapies to market. We collaborate with other major functions for clinical trial operations and therapy development, understand our clients’ challenges and convey solutions to those challenges.

Sense of accomplishment

Experience the satisfaction of being true partners with our clients and the sense of achievement only experienced when part of bringing a new, innovative therapy to market to improve health. Bring your courageous spirit and desire to foster new skills and behaviors for a greater purpose. Own your responsibilities and your part of the team as we help our clients bring life-changing therapies to market while driving down the costs.


  • Biostatisticians
  • Programmers
  • Pharmacokineticists
  • Clinical pharmacologists
  • Management positions
  • Lead roles
  • Support roles

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