Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Our Health and Wellness Philosophy

Good health and wellness are at the core of our business, and our employees’ health and well-being are important to us. We believe that encouraging a healthy, happy and productive workforce not only improves the lives of our employees but also strengthens the value they bring to our operational and financial performance.

We strive to provide a work environment that encourages employees to lead healthy lifestyles and proactively work toward improving their health. We believe fitness is important for employees in achieving good health, preventing serious disease and better managing existing health conditions.

All employees are encouraged to participate in the company’s wellness activities, pursue a healthy lifestyle, and integrate fitness and good nutrition into their daily routines. Employees accomplish this by working with PPD's wellness programs, resources and staff to help develop their own personal health improvement plans and with their supervisors to establish daily routines that ensure workplace productivity is maintained.

PPD encourages employees to embrace its "work hard, play hard" philosophy, which helps them create a healthy work-life balance by incorporating wellness routines into their daily lives. We provide many opportunities for employees to participate in daily exercise, embrace good nutrition and find appropriate ways to enjoy humor and fun in the work setting. PPD believes that, by providing an environment that fosters giving our best in work as well as play, we will be rewarded with happy, stable and productive team members.

Our Commitment to Health and Wellness

PPD's commitment to the health and well-being of its employees can be seen in our:

  • Global health and wellness programs - Serving the unique needs of employees in all regions of the world
  • On-site employee health clinics - Providing consultation and on-site health services to all employees who visit our clinics
  • Travel medicine program - Offering travel consultations, immunizations and travel tips to employees who travel internationally
  • Health and safety services and programs - Protecting the well-being of our employees at their individual PPD locations, as well as protecting the safety of our employees while traveling on business
  • Preventive care and emergency services - Providing opportunities through our health and wellness programs and in our community outreach activities and investment

Wellness Around the World

There are many definitions and interpretations of wellness or well-being around the world - and many dimensions of wellness. Each dimension is interrelated and contributes to healthy living in some way.

At PPD, our corporate wellness program focuses on the aspects of health and wellness that can best be integrated into one’s professional life and our work environment. Our primary focus is on the physical aspects of our employees' health, including exercise and physical activity, good nutrition, disease prevention and other aspects of healthy living.

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