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PPD partners with clients to identify and address business challenges and to develop innovative solutions that improve business performance and deliver a strong foundation for continuous improvement. We offer a full range of products and systems, providing you with quality solutions to advance your initiatives:

  • Digital Signatures: An innovative technology solution enhancing our ability to meet client commitments for document turn-around time that reduces cost by decreasing the need for courier services to route documents for approval.
  • PPD® CTMS (Clinical Trial Management System): A best-in-class system utilizing Siebel Clinical v8.1, combined with analytical data reports built in TIBCO’s Spotfire®. This technology provides our clients access to enhanced reporting, expanded data integrations from multiple sources and strengthened site relationships.
  • PPD REMS (Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies) solution: A first-of-its-kind technology platform that integrates, manages and tracks all REMS resources, data and information.

Products & Services

Quality solutions that enhance business performance


PPD delivers premier technology to provide you with an optimized view into your clinical data, allowing you to make more informed decisions about your clinical programs.

PPD PatientView

PPD® PatientView links clinical trial participants with biopharmaceutical companies, physicians and health care resources.

PPD SponsorView

PPD® SponsorView provides a single point of access for critical trial information.


The PPD REMS solution is a first-of-its-kind technology platform that integrates, manages and tracks all REMS resources, data and information.


PPD has significant experience in database building, clinical monitoring and data management activities using multiple EDC systems.

Medical Imaging

PPD’s alliance with VirtualScopics provided our clients’ clinical trials with best-in-class, comprehensive clinical development and medical imaging services.


E-PIP is a proprietary web-based tool with built-in workflows for secure site communications with clinical and medical personnel.

IRT Systems

PPD’s IRT system reports can be incorporated with data from vendors and other PPD services to provide a single location to view key study information.

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Quality and Enterprise Learning

Our quality and enterprise learning experts offer a wide range of expertise.

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