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Dental Pain Research

Dental pain therapeutic experience

Our dental pain research clinic in Austin, Texas, conducts acute dental pain clinical trials using the impacted third molar model. Our reputation for successful compound separation with this pain model is well established and acknowledged by major pharmaceutical companies with analgesic research programs. The clinic, which has been in operation since 1983, has experience on more than 300 protocols and averages about 1,200 patients per year.

The dental pain clinic has proven expertise in simple and complex study designs including:

  • Single dose
  • Multiple dose
  • Pharmacokinetic studies
  • Overnight-stay studies

Subject Recruitment at the Dental Pain Research Clinic

The dental pain clinic’s location makes it well situated for efficient subject recruitment. The diverse population exceeds 1 million people and includes about 100,000 students at six local colleges.

Our professional subject recruiters achieve rapid enrollment of qualified dental study volunteers to match study protocols through integrated media campaigns. Board-certified maxillofacial oral surgeons from Austin Surgical Arts, a local private practice, provide investigator support for PPD’s dental pain trial needs.

Capability of the Dental Pain Research Clinic

The dental pain clinic is custom designed to conduct high-volume trials and complex protocols. Equipment at the clinic includes:

  • ECG
  • -70 C freezer
  • Refrigerated centrifuge
  • Secure investigational drug storage
  • Sponsor monitoring rooms

Proven operational and quality control systems consistently maintain data integrity and quality assurance.

Expertise at the Dental Pain Research Clinic

The dental pain research clinic professional staff includes:

  • On-site board-certified oral surgeon investigators
  • Dental study project managers
  • Analgesic nurse coordinators
  • On-site quality control personnel
  • Recruiting coordinators
  • Data managers
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