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Central Laboratory Services

As clinical research becomes more complex and geographically dispersed, the role of central labs in the development of drug products is even more critical to efficiently managing clinical trials. Partner with PPD® Laboratories for quality data, speed, flexibility and efficiencies to complete projects on time and on budget.

  • Strategic locations in Asia, Europe and North America make our labs accessible to study sites globally
  • Single, Web-based, global database means there is no need to integrate or harmonize data from different systems
  • Standardized, global platforms (SOPs, reagents, instrumentation) ensure inherently combinable results
  • Scientific expertise to ensure the most efficient and effective study design
  • Quality assurance oversight and processes to ensure the same level of quality and consistency across the globe, made possible through Global Laboratory Assay Standardization Survey (GLASS), lab accreditations and quality management technology
  • Innovative technologies to provide secure, Web-based access to results and an exchange platform that integrates CRO and laboratory data in real time
Central Laboratory Services

Integrated Development Solution

Partnering with PPD for both clinical trial management and central lab services gives you access to integrated data from around the globe in real time. Benefits of managing a single partner for clinical trials and central lab services include:

  • Consolidated business administration that streamlines processes, eliminates redundancies and decreases the need for client oversight
  • Consistent, unified team under one project manager with focus on proactive resolution
  • Decreased complexity and potential for errors during the entire process

PPD offers the ideal integrated solution — clinical trial expertise and central lab services — supported by innovative technology.

Operational Excellence

Operational excellence at PPD Laboratories means a commitment to enhance quality and service for our clients.

Scientific Excellence

PPD Laboratories offers scientific expertise in protocol consultation, lab testing, technology transfer, biomarkers, esoteric labs and multiple therapeutic areas.


PPD Laboratories provides innovative technologies and processes to deliver the fastest, most accurate study setup in the industry.

Investigator Support Services

Experienced staff in PPD’s clinical investigator support services keep your central lab studies on track.

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Central Lab Services PPD

PPD's central laboratory services: superior service, quality data without compromises.

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