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Dental Pain Research Clinic

Dental Clinic

PPD’s dental pain research clinic in Austin, Texas, conducts ongoing, medically supervised research studies to help evaluate new drugs for post-surgical dental pain relief. The clinic averages about 1,200 patients per year.

Dental Volunteers Receive:

  • Consultation on having impacted wisdom teeth extracted
  • Surgical extraction of impacted wisdom teeth at no cost
  • Financial compensation for time involved with the study

Full-time medical professionals, including board-certified oral maxillofacial surgeons and licensed nurses, are on staff to provide the highest level of service to study participants to ensure their safety and comfort. 

To volunteer for a dental pain study that involves your impacted wisdom teeth being extracted, call us at +800 773 2782 or +512 462 0492. Visit our study volunteers contact page for the clinic address and directions.

Who Can Volunteer?

PPD recruits volunteers for dental pain research studies involving impacted wisdom teeth extraction. If you are generally healthy and need your wisdom teeth removed, you may qualify for one of our dental studies.

You Are Not Eligible for Most Dental Studies if:

  • You use tobacco products, illegal drugs or drink alcohol heavily
  • You are on regular medication; a study physician must approve the medication for you to be eligible to participate in a particular study
  • You are trying to become pregnant, are pregnant, or have recently given birth or are breast-feeding

What to Expect If You Volunteer

When you call, if you meet the criteria for a dental pain research study, we will ask you to come to the clinic for a free consultation. After a detailed discussion of the parameters of the study, we will ask you to sign an informed consent form for dental study volunteers. You will then be scheduled to participate in a study in which your impacted wisdom teeth will be surgically extracted.
All information that you supply to us will be kept confidential with the medical and professional staff involved with the clinic.

A board-certified oral maxillofacial surgeon will surgically extract your wisdom teeth. You must be available to remain in the dental pain research clinic for the entire period of the study, usually an 8-24 hour time frame. Qualified, licensed nurses provide post-surgical care.

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