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PPD In The News

Small Is Beautiful

Mike Gold writes about the importance of smaller studies in drug development.

Scientific American  (December 2016)

Paring down the placebo response

Marc de Somer and Heather Bryson discuss how sequential parallel comparison design (SPCD) is starting to help control placebo responses.

Nature Reviews Drug Discovery  (December 2016)

The Growing Realm of Real-World Data

David Simmons, chairman and CEO of PPD, and Jon Williams, president of Evidera, discuss real-world data and its impact on drug development.

Contract Pharma  (November 2016)

PPD expands lab space, staffing at Ireland facility

FierceBiotech reports on PPD's laboratory expansion in Ireland.

FierceBiotech  (October 2016)

The Changing Role of the CRO and its Effect on Project Management

Volker Hack and Denise Sackner write about the impact of increased clinical trial complexity on project management.

Applied Clinical Trials  (October 2016)

PPD to support biologics, inhalation products at expanded lab

Jon Denissen explains the benefits of PPD's laboratory expansion.

Outsourcing-Pharma  (October 2016)

The brave new world of biosimilars: Top challenges for payers

Patricia Hurley discusses biosimilars entering the U.S. and European markets.

FierceHealthcare  (October 2016)

The Growing Availability of Wearable Devices

Niklas Morton and David Blackman write about current applications of wearable devices used in clinical trials.

Applied Clinical Trials  (September 2016)

Prinicipal Investigator Turnover

Stephen Powell discusses the principal investigator landscape and PPD's work with experienced investigators.

PharmaVOICE  (September 2016)

PPD ties off Evidera merger deal, establishes "real world research" leader

David Simmons, chairman and CEO of PPD, and Jon Williams, president of Evidera, explain how the combination of the two companies will create enhanced offerings for clients.

FierceBiotech  (September 2016)

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