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Improvements to Study Startup Underway

Gaurav Bhatnagar comments on how technology and data-driven approaches will be key to “bending the cost and time curve” of drug development.

CenterWatch Monthly  (April 2018)

PPD expands analytical lab to meet ‘growing’ demand for biologics testing

Jon Denissen explains that the expansion is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to meet the ever-increasing needs of its biopharmaceutical clients for GMP testing of large molecule products.

Outsourcing-Pharma  (March 2018)

Best Practices for Testing Foreign Particulate Matter in Inhaled Products

John Bak talks about developing appropriate tests for addressing foreign particles in orally inhaled and nasal drug products.

Pharmaceutical Technology  (March 2018)

Catch (& Keep) a Rising Star: Clinical Research Talent Trends

In this article, Tim Neathery notes that more people are becoming aware of the positive aspects of building a career in the clinical research space.

Applied Clinical Trials  (March 2018)

PPD to run ‘patient concierge’ trial service

Nik Morton and Roger Smith discuss how this new program serves as a single point of contact to help proactively guide patients through trials.

FierceBiotech  (March 2018)

PPD and Acurian launch patient concierge for clinical trials

Nik Morton and Roger Smith explain that the goal of the new service is to increase patient engagement and retention.

Outsourcing-Pharma  (February 2018)

Patient-centric trial recruitment

Acurian’s Erica Prowisor discusses the importance of using the widest range of marketing channels to generate high-potential study candidates.

PharmaVOICE  (February 2018)

A valued perspective

This article by David Blackman outlines how advancements in mHealth technologies within clinical trials hope to improve practices and explore new markets.

International Clinical Trials  (February 2018)

More sites seek ‘partner of choice’ label

Rhonda Henry says sponsors and CROs are looking for shared commitment, consistency and predictability when selecting a partner of choice.

CenterWatch Monthly  (February 2018)

PPD, Quotient to support entire pediatric program through single contract

Karen Kaucic announces a new collaboration to accelerate pediatric drug development.

Outsourcing-Pharma  (January 2018)

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