Careers in Global Clinical Supplies

Bernard Jaucot

Bernard Jaucot is an associate director of strategic solutions within PPD’s global clinical supplies (GCS) department. He joined PPD eight years ago and has always worked in the clinical supply chain area for CROs and pharmaceutical companies. Below he discusses PPD’s clinical trial supplies, and why you should consider PPD for your next career move.

Jaucot: The clinical trial supplies environment is growing and developing. It is often difficult to assess whether our department is closer to a clinical research or a manufacturing environment — in reality we are both of these, overlapping good manufacturing practices (GMPs), good distribution practices (GDPs) and good clinical practices (GCPs).

We are the ultimate service-driven and customer-minded department. Delays can pile up ahead of us. But after us, there's no delay allowed — as the next step is PPD’s main focus: the patient. We make sure that delays and issues are resolved in an expedited way to provide patients with safe and innovative drugs and devices. Risk management, communication and mitigation plans are not something we take lightly. It’s not just about having a “Plan B,” there needs to be “Plan C” through “Plan Z” ready just in case.

Throughout the years, PPD’s GCS department has adapted to anticipate the needs of its clients, including developing services, depots, packaging and labelling capacity, import/export experts and highly experienced project managers.

In North America, Europe, the Middle East or Africa, we are looking for professionals with knowledge of clinical trial supply chain management who can truly drive projects — not only at the clinical trial supply chain level, but at a general process optimization level.

Globally, we recruit for project managers, senior project managers and managers of clinical supplies. We also hire warehouse and logistics staff at our sites around the world.

Don’t hesitate to regularly visit our careers site to look for opportunities as we seek clinical supply chain professionals to add value to our consistently expanding GCS team.

If you work in the clinical trial supplies area and like to share your experience and knowledge in a fast paced, highly flexible working environment, PPD GCS wants to hear from you!

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