PPD Supports Surfers Healing Camp

surfer's healing, corporate responsibility, wilmingtonVolunteers from PPD recently participated in the annual Surfers Healing surf camp in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. Based in California, Surfers Healing is a nonprofit organization that uses the transformative experience of surfing to help children with autism. The organization hosts free surf camps on both coasts, pairing a professional surfer with an autistic child for a day of riding the waves.

This year, PPD again served as a corporate sponsor of the camp in Wrightsville Beach, a coastal town 20 minutes from our worldwide headquarters in Wilmington, North Carolina. The camp served approximately 450 families from around the country.

At PPD, volunteerism is an important component of corporate responsibility and good citizenship. PPD employees volunteered at the family registration tent to help register families and verify children’s surf time. The PPD volunteers also ensured that all participants received surf wristbands, food tickets and goody bags. In the food tent, they served lunch to surfers and their families, as well as to volunteers and staff.

For many autistic children who are easily overstimulated by their environment, the ocean often has a calming, therapeutic effect. Parents report that watching their children surf gives them a new understanding of their capabilities and instills much-needed confidence in their sons and daughters.