PPD Around the World: Russia

PPD employees in Russia

In Russia, PPD has four office locations – Moscow, Smolensk, Saint Petersburg and Novosibirsk – and more than 200 employees. Smolensk is our largest location, and we also have a number of home-based employees across the country.

PPD employees in Russia work across a range of service areas and functional support groups, such as:

•    Clinical management
•    Site intelligence and activation
•    Global clinical supplies
•    Pharmacovigilance
•    Facilities
•    Human resources
•    Bids and contracts
•    Biostatistics
•    Data management
•    Finance
•    Information technology

Our office in the capital city of Moscow is located in the city centre. The pride of the Moscow office is the global clinical supplies warehouse. It has an area of 200 sq. meters (2,152.8 sq. feet) and is fully equipped for storage of investigational products, comparators, lab kits and equipment within following temperature ranges: 15–25˚C, 2–8˚C, 20–25˚C, -15–25˚C, -30˚C. We provide logistics services for clinical trials, such as storage, distribution to sites, registration in IVRS/IWRS, returns, destruction and local purchasing of compotators and equipment.

PPD employees are highly qualified professionals with the potential and motivation to  manage new sites and patients, while contributing to the success of company strategies and objectives.
In 2014, we celebrated our first jubilee year for PPD in Russia. We held fifth anniversary celebrations across all Russian offices on 1 October. The offices were festively decorated, and all employees enjoyed eating birthday cake with the PPD logo and looking back at progress made by the company over the past five years.

PPD employees in Russia