PPD in the Community

We work hard for our clients, delivering consistent, quality results. We also believe that balancing work with personal life is essential to our success.

Singapore Office

The charity committee organized a voluntary event at the Animal Lovers League in early September. The Animal Lovers League is a non-profit organization, which runs an animal shelter called Pets Villa. It has provided lodging, food, care and love to more than 600 abandoned dogs and cats since 2004.

We spent the day walking the dogs, assisted in cleaning the animal quarters, fed and showed care for these abandoned animals. We have also used our charity funds to feed the hungry dogs and cats. Time was well spent in this meaningful event and we were glad to do our part for these animals.

Taiwan Office

Blended with PPD’s commitment to corporate social responsibility, we organized a hand-made soap course for colleagues to experience simple, environmentally friendly concepts of the "3 Rs" (reduce, reuse and recycle) into our daily life. During the experience course, colleagues worked together to make our own soaps applying innovative and creative ideas.